Officers and Administrators who need to know how to effectively implement and use foam in their departments.

Foam Concentrates (C)
In-depth coverage of Class A foam concentrates. Topics include differences between concentrates, concentrate testing, purchasing and concentrate storage and handling.

Foam Properties (C)
Basic properties of Class A foam. Topics include history of Class A foam, how foam works and is made, different types of foam products, and the difference between Class A, Class B, and other specialty products.

Foam Finance/Justification (C)
This class will cover information on how to justify the purchase of CAFS as well as general cost estimates for budgeting. Grants and other funding programs will be covered.

Customer Buy In (C)
This class will cover information and techniques to sell the foam/CAFS concept to both your department members and to your community.

Foam Training and SOG’s (C)
This class will cover the instruction needed to properly integrate CAFS into a fire department. It will include delivery instruction, train the trainer instruction, new recruit instruction and recurrent department training. Boiler-plate Foam SOG’s will also be discussed.

Fireground Application for IC (C)
This class will cover foam /CAFS fire ground operations as they relate to officers in the incident command position. Topics include basic capabilities of foam, CAFS, assigning foam units on the fire ground, and coordination of foam units with water-only units.

Writing Specifications for Foam/CAFS systems (C)
This class will cover the types of systems available and which system is best for specific tactical applications. The class will also provide tips and tricks to write an effective specification.

Foam and CAFS Retrofits (C)
This class will cover retrofits of both proportioners and CAFS. It will include determining if an apparatus is a retrofit candidate, choosing the proper system, and installation tips and tricks.

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