Students already using Class A foam who understand the basic principles. PPE and SCBA required for live fire.

Structural Applications (A)
This class will cover CAF applications when performing exterior, transitional, and interior structural attacks.

Nozzles, Hose, Flows (A)
This class will cover nozzles for both aspirated and CAF operations and hose lays and configurations that work for foam. It will also cover typical flows for CAFS with various configurations and tactical objectives.

Vehicle Fires, Special Apps (A)
This class will cover the use of both aspirated foam and CAF during vehicle fire attacks. It will also cover special applications such as ladder pipes, standpipes, sprinkler systems, etc.

Fire Investigation/PIO (A)
This class will address the topic of investigation of fires controlled with Class A foam and CAF. Implications of foams usage in the court room and the laboratory. Also, how Public Information Officers can inform and promote the use of foam and CAFS to the public.

Troubleshooting for Operators (A)
This class will cover how to troubleshoot and solve common operational issues that occur when operating Foam and CAFS on the fire-ground.

Wildland/WUI Applications (A)
This class will cover aspirated and CAF applications for direct and indirect attack, exposure protection, and mop up operations in the wildland. It will also cover aspirated and CAF applications in the wildland-urban interface (WUI).

Live Fire
This class will provide hands-on experience in vehicle fire attack and interior and exterior structure attack.

Full PPE and SCBA (NFPA compliant/serviceable condition) must be provided by the student. No facial hair is permitted.

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